A 21St Century Approach To Modern Relationship Problems

Do you want a wildly successful relationship in your life?

In everything from choosing careers to organizing our closets, we invest in education and training to be successful. Yet the single most important and impactful area of our lives – our relationships – is something we think we can do really well, alone. We wing it.

It’s not working. With nearly 40% of marriages ending in divorce and more than 23% of children growing up in single-parent families, relationship statistics speak for themselves. Worse, the emotional and financial impact of dissolving unsuccessful relationships can cripple everyone involved.

Investing in dating and relationship coaching and skills training may be THE most important investment you make in your life.

How much longer do you want to wait to be happy?

Breakup Girl Menu Of Offerings

  • Dating smarter (group)
  • Cheating recovery (group)
  • Heartbreak to Healed
  • Love Readiness Bootcamp
  • All About Matchmaking (30-minute session) $75
    Have you considered matchmaking? I can talk you through the pros and cons of large matchmaking companies, boutique approaches, and alternatives to matchmaking. I’m happy to facilitate a possible introduction to a matchmaker if you’re interested. Let my network help you!
  • Online Dating Concierge (3- or 6-month engagement)
    Get better results and less effort! If you would like to date quality matches, maximize hearing “yes!” and still have time for the rest of your life, consider hiring me as your online dating concierge. We create your online dating profile on up to two websites or apps, and I do the rest!
  • Online Dating Profiles
    Let a pro guide you! Great profiles receive more likes and attention than others – and yours can be one of them! (2 sessions + Profile) $375
  • Love Letters
    You want to say what’s in your heart – but you don’t have the words. It’s ok! I can write a letter that’s meaningful and sounds like you (I won’t tell if you won’t!) (1 session + Love Letter) $225
  • Delivering Bad News
    Sometimes…something happened. How you share difficult news can make or break a relationship. My proven approach can help you find the words that will sustain and improve your relationship (1 session + Plan) $250
  • Apologies (We all make mistakes!)
    It’s complicated. Mistakes happen to the best of us. A heartfelt apology can keep your relationship from going off the rails and jump start a healing process. (2 sessions + Apology) $375
  • Retreats
    Couples Bliss – Coming soon!
    Singles’ Skills – Coming soon!
Are you teetering on the edge? Could you bomb out, or figure it out?

Custom Coaching

Sometimes you have a dating or relationship concern that isn’t a fit for one of our workshops or programs, and custom coaching is the best choice. If so, we will define the problem together, set goals and develop a strategy to get results.