Break Past Patterns,
Learn New Skills!

Do you want a wildly successful relationship in your life?

In everything from choosing careers to organizing our closets, we invest in education and training to be successful. Yet the single most important and impactful area of our lives – our relationships – is something we think we can do really well, alone. We wing it.

It’s not working. With nearly 40% of marriages ending in divorce and more than 23% of children growing up in single-parent families, relationship statistics speak for themselves. Worse, the emotional and financial impact of dissolving unsuccessful relationships can cripple everyone involved.

Investing in dating and relationship coaching and skills training may be THE most important investment you make in your life.

How much longer do you want to wait to be happy?

BreakupGirl Services

Expert First Dates (Mini Program – 3 sessions)

First dates are job interviews for the rest of your life. Whether you met online or at a friend’s wedding, the billion-dollar question is: Are you a great first date? Learn how to win at the first-date dating game and make sure the decision is YOURS as to whether you see each other again! We’ll take about pre-, during and post-date strategies to close on a second date…or not. Your choice! $405


Love Readiness Boot Camp (Program – 12 sessions)

You know you want to be in a long-term relationship. But are you love ready? Learn to identify and break past patterns, discover your dating and relationship strengths and weaknesses, figure out what you REALLY want (it’s probably not what you think!), meet the right candidates, make discerning decisions….and not waste time. Includes a dating profile! $1440


Decoding Mixed Signals (Mini Program – 3 sessions)

Is he or she actually interested? What’s the meaning behind the hot-and-cold behavior? Learn how to read mixed signals and tactics to respond – putting you in the driver’s seat! what it means for your relationship and dating future. $405


Falling Too Fast (Program – 8 sessions)

Do you fall in love over and over and just find yourself in the same pain when it’s done? You might be falling too fast – missing out as a result on the people who really deserve your love! This program focuses on self-knowledge, identifying what you really want in a great partner, and how to hold out for the right love connection. $1080


Dating after Divorce (or the end of that Really Long Relationship) (Program – 12 sessions)

So you’ve been out of the dating game…for years. And wow, is it different. Dating should and can be fun, not an anxiety-provoking next step! We’ll discuss how to know when you’re ready, options for diving back into dating and their pro’s and con’s; how to navigate today’s dating scene with dignity (and remember, having fun!), and positive ways to channel those sometimes-pesky and always-informative emotions! Includes a dating profile! $1440

Ethical Break Ups (Mini Program – 3 sessions)

You know you want out. You just don’t know how to say it. Or what to do after you say it. We’ll discuss the specifics of your situation, strategies to end a relationship with integrity, and how to minimize the pain – for you and your partner. $405


I want my ex back! (Mini Program – 4 sessions)

You broke up. Huge mistake. You want to get back with your ex! We’ll discuss ways to give it your best shot at authentically reconnecting, how to nurture those first successful contacts and ways to right the course long-term. And if your prior partner has indeed moved on, we’ll discuss what you can do to let go and grow. Remember, your personal growth often drives a prior partner’s decision to return OR invites new love into your life! $540


Getting Back Together (Mini Program – 5 sessions)

You and your ex broke up for a reason…right? But maybe things have changed, and you want to reconsider – because you first got together for a good reason too. Let’s talk through the Big Decision, including how to assess whether that change is real, how to make that first contact and then, if you decide to, rekindling the flame to fire! $675


The Move-In Decision (Mini Program – 6 sessions)

So you’re thinking about moving in with your partner, or maybe you’ve already talked about it. The Move-In Decision is one of the biggest decisions of your life. This program covers what you need to know before putting your names on the mailbox. Together we’ll make sure it’s the right choice AND lay the groundwork for long-term success. (For singles or couples; can also be modified for pre-marital coaching – just ask!) $810


Cheating Recovery (Program – 12 sessions)

Sh/e cheated. You’re shocked, angry, hurt and not sure what to do next. This program will walk you through a cheating recovery process: Establish whether you want to stay and work on the relationship, setting goals and sharing strategies to do that; or determine if it’s the right time to end the partnership and how to move forward. Note: This is not a couple’s program. It’s designed to help you to decide and act on what’s best for you and your future. $1440


It’s over. I want to be me! (Mini Program – 5 sessions)

Many individuals have lost their sense of self over the course of a relationship – or may not have really known themselves before going in. Let’s lose the lemons and make lemonade: Here’s a chance to start fresh, separate the you from the us, and, through that process, be more relationship-ready in the future. This targeted coaching is ideal for clients who are past the initial pain of the breakup but not quite sure where to go next. $675

Online Dating Profiles

Let a pro guide you! Great profiles receive more likes and attention than others – and yours can be one of them! (2 sessions + Profile) $375


Love Letters

You want to say what’s in your heart – but you don’t have the words. It’s ok! I can write a letter that’s meaningful and sounds like you (I won’t tell if you won’t!) (1 session + Love Letter) $250


Delivering Bad News

Sometimes…something happened. How you share difficult news can make or break a relationship. My proven approach can help you find the words that can sustain and improve your relationship (1 session + Plan) $225


 Apologies (We all make mistakes!)

It’s complicated. Mistakes happen to the best of us. A heartfelt apology can keep your relationship from going off the rails and jump start a healing process. (2 sessions + Apology) $375

Sometimes you have a dating or relationship concern that isn’t a fit for one of our workshops or programs, and custom coaching is the best choice. If so, we will define the problem together, set goals and develop a strategy to get results. Schedule a session today!


Between work and daily responsibilities, scrolling through a dating app with prospect after prospect was a daunting task. I dreaded it, until I met with Alison. She talked me through the process and allowed me to explore in detail what the most suitable partner would mean for me. Some of the traits we talked about, I didn’t even realize I was looking for! Soon after meeting, I met and began dating a wonderful guy! Talk to Alison, she will help you reignite the ambition to get yourself out there and believe in love again!


This was a learning experience for myself. I have never been exposed to share and to do deep reflection as to my current situation. I was able to share with a total stranger my needs, fears and goals. I re-discovered the importance to formulate my goals and to aspire to commit myself to live to the fullest, in spite of my transition in my personal life.